Finance - Funding

Amari Private Limited® (APL) has excellent relationships with most of the International Banks, Financial Institutions and various Private Equity Funds, so your goals will be achieved smoothly and in a timely manner. Our Investors are interested to finance large, ready-to-go projects that require up to 100% financing/funding for up to 50% Joint Venture equity participation, depending on equity already invested by the project owner. Projects must be for at least $3 million. 

While there is no Established Maximum, It is true to say that the Syndicate Finance commonly handles applications between $3 Mn to 1 Bn. 

Our project sectors are listed below:

  1. Airlines Business Finance,
  2. Aircraft Leasing (Both Dry and Wet),
  3. International Bank Guarantee,
  4. All forms of Housing Developments, minimum 100 houses per project,
  5. Resort /or Hotel and Villas with excellent locations,
  6. All forms of Condominiums and Hotel developments in prime locations in major cities,
  7. Mixed Use developments, department stores, condominiums-hotels, etc.

The Bank/Finance does not accept Publicly-Listed Companies, Governments, etc., - only Private Company Developments and Projects. Currently we are not accepting applications from Russia, Ukraine or relatively unstable countries. In order to lodge an application, we need (1) About Your Project Proposal, (2) In addition to the 3 year projections, We need your detailed 3 year projections, (3) Business Plan, (4) Project Overview, (5) Quick Facts, (6) Confirmation that your Project is Ready-To-Go, i.e., you have your approvals, plans, specifications,etc.

Amari Private Limited® (APL) offer 100% funding through a debt/equity mix. Debt segment carries a minimum interest rate of 2.5% and a maximum of 4%. Their Agreement contains the terms for eventual buy-out from the JV partnership. The Bank is not looking for instant profits, but rather a long-term business joint-venture partnership - typically between 7 and 15 years or more. Longer relationships have been achieved in the past.